Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hot Glue Jar

I didn't think about making a video for this until after I had already started so I took snap shots as I went. Hopefully it makes sense. Here we go...

First you will need some fabric (any color, I just used an old plaid curtain that I had), an old empty jar (I used a empty pickle jar), scissors, a hot glue gun, and something to set your gun on (as you can see I used a playstation game because it was closest to me, lol)

First you will need to measure and cut out your fabric for the lid. I laid the lid on top of my fabric and counted 8 lines out and cut a square. Next you will run hot glue around the rim of the lid. I made the mistake of going all the way around the lid at once and parts of it were already dry and I had to pick it off and start again. I suggest you do small dots and lay your fabric on and set it. Then once it is set in to place, add several other dots to hold fabric in to place. After the glue was completely dry I used the scissors to gun off the excess fabric. I didn't like the way it was hanging off, but this is just an optional step.

Then you will write a word on your jar using the glue. It's not easy writing with hot glue, so be patient and be prepared to pull the glue off and start again. I just chose the word LOVE since I wasn't sure what I was going to use the jar for.

Last, you will take the jar OUTSIDE, do NOT spray paint in your house, common sense, but just reminding you. :) Choose any color paint you want. I had black spray paint from spraying a patio table so that's what I used. I sprayed one pretty good layer and let it dry outside for a while and went back out later to add a second coat. After your second coat you should be good to go. 

Bring the jar back inside, screw the lid on, and voila, you have a cute little nifty jar with many uses! 

Some ideas for use: decoration, cotton balls, q-tips, ink pen holder, make up brush holder, buttons, etc.

Have a wonderful day!

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